OVO - Sounds From The 6 ( Drum Kit )



OVO Sounds From The 6 drum kit is here to give you even more, fresh new sounds.

Why spend hours digging through your old used up muddy drum sounds.  Most producers don’t take the time to process their drum kits with EQ and or outboard gear.

We took the time to layer, eq and even process every drum one shot. You will be happy with the analog feel and sound you will get with our drum kit as we use analog gear to fatten the sounds up. Since we use a high-end AD/DA converter, all your drum sounds will have a clean and crisp sound to them.

Since we’re providing one-shot sounds, that means you will be able to load our sounds into any sampler or DAW system out there. Yes, this is also compatible with MAC and PC computers.

What DAW system will these sounds work in you ask? Sounds From The 6 drum kit will work with all DAW systems; Reaper, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Reason, and more. Each one of those programs has a built-in sampler so you can just drag and drop sounds in.

OVO - Sounds From The 6 ( Drum Kit )