GTA V Radio - SFX Kit:

"Tune in, turn on and space out to the sounds of GTA V Radio Kult FM, hosted by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and The Voidz. The guestlist is star-studded, with appearances from Mac DeMarco, David Cross and Tony Mac, and the station’s playlist spans from the Madchester sounds of Joy Division, New Order and A Certain Ratio to heavy throwbacks from Danzig, the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop, and everything in between, plus the world exclusive premiere of a new track from The Voidz called “Alien Crime Lord.”


  • The station appears to be named after Cult Records, an independent record label founded by Julian Casablancas in 2009.


Includes :

  • Wave 103 - a new wave, Neue Deutsche Welle and post-punk radio in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories that plays another song by New Order.
  • Playback FM - an old-school East Coast hip-hop radio in GTA San Andreas.
  • Radio X - an alternative rock and grunge radio in GTA San Andreas that plays another song by Danzig.
  • Master Sounds 98.3 - a rare groove and soul radio in GTA San Andreas that also plays "Tainted Love" by Gloria Jones.
  • Liberty Rock Radio - a classic rock radio in GTA IV and GTA Episodes From Liberty City that is hosted by Iggy Pop and plays another song by the Stooges.
  • Radio Broker - an alternative rock radio in GTA IV and GTA Episodes From Liberty City.
  • Liberty City Hardcore - a hardcore punk radio in GTA IV.
  • The Classics 104.1 - an old-school East Coast hip-hop radio in GTA IV that also plays "It's Yours" by T La Rock & Jazzy Jay.
  • Tortoise - a post-rock radio in GTA Chinatown Wars.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio - an alternative rock, garage rock, and post-punk radio in GTA V.
  • Channel X - a punk rock radio in GTA V that also broadcasts on 99.1 FM.

GTA V Radio - SFX Kit