Drake - So Far Gone (Drum Kit)

I’ve talked to several fans of Drake’s who listened 
to the mixtape and been crying out for these drums will
here thay finally are this mixtape seems to have 
polarized many, opening up to a wider audience 
while at the same time alienating some of those 
who’ve been following him since “Room for Improvement.
” A strong number of Kanye’s strongest followers hated “808s & Hearbreak,” but Drake’s listeners will be relieved to hear the that when he does rap 
(we’ll say a little more than 50% of the mixtape is flat out spitting), 



  • Clap (Best I Ever Had)
  • Clap (November 18)
  • Clap (Sooner Than Later)
  • Clap (Uptown)
  • Closed Hat (Best I Ever Had)
  • Kick (Best I Ever Had)
  • Kick (Lust For Life)
  • Kick (November 18)
  • Kick (Successful)
  • Kick (Uptown)
  • Open Hat (Best I Ever Had)
  • Open Hat (Uptown)
  • Perc (Lust For Life)
  • Snap (Best I Ever Had)
  • Snare (A Night Off)
  • Snare (Best I Ever Had)
  • Snare (Lust For Life)
  • Snare (November 18)
  • Snare (Successful)
  • Snare (Uptown)

Drake - So Far Gone (Drum Kit)




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