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Can I cancel my price plan membershp at anytime?

Yes you can cancel your membership at any time.


Are all of the sound kits on this website the original authentic kits?

Yes! all the sounds on are website are the original sounds made by industry producers and inspired by artist to give you the most relevent sounds of todays music.


How do i download free sound kits?

Yes! Users can download free samples with ease:

  1. There is 14 free sound kits at the top of home page.

  2. Pick the sound kit you want.

  3. Rember the promo code underneath the sound kit.

  4. Click on the sound kit.

  5. Click on order now button.

  6. Click on view cart.

  7. Click on promo code and enter the promo code that was underneath your sound kit.

  8. Click Checkout.

  9. Enter some customer details & click continue.

  10. Click download and your kit will start downloading & a link to download your kit will also be sent to yor email.



Are samples and sound kits royalty free?

Yes all are sound kits are royalty free and ready to use apart from a couple of are featured sound kits.

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