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  • Starter Membership

    Every month
    Starter Membership (1MONTH FREE TRIAL)$2 A Month 2 Drum Kits Of Your Choice Over 3000 Kits/Plugins
     30 day free trial
    • 1 Drum Kit Every Month For Only $2 A Month
  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    Basic Membership $6 A Month. 10 drum kits of your choice (Cancel Anytime Over 3000 Kits/Plugins)
    • 5 Free Drum Kits of your choice Every Month For $6
  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Silver Membership $10 A Month. 20 Drum Kits Of Your Choice (Cancel Anytime Over 3000 Kits/Plugins)
    • 20 Drum Kits Of Your Choice Every Month For Only $10
  • Best Value

    Gold Membership

    Every month
    Gold Membership $18 A Month For Unlimited Drum Kits/Downloads Cancel Anytime Over 3000 Kits/Plugins
    • Unlimited drum kits for only $18 a month
  • Annual Unlimited

    Gold membership Unlimited Sound Kits 1 Year Download Everything Cancel Anytime Over 3000 Kits/Plugin
    Valid for one year
    • Save Over $40 With Are One Year Gold Membership Price Plan

Post signationem ad unam e nostris subscriptionibus quaeso reprimendam tuam electronicam electronicam (junk folder including) in proximis 24 horis ut tuum singularem codicem subscriptionis recipias et incipe, uti magni valoris menstruae downloads continuo. 
Pro pluribus informationibus in quibusvis nostris magnis fasciculis vel pro quavis alia informatione placent


''SoSouthern Sound kits changed the way I made music and changed my sound with their authentic industry quality sound kits''.

Thomas Baxley

''Best sounds, changed the game''

Sam Mathews- M Beats

'' Extremely happy with my sound kits, easy and straight forward to download and use''.

Rene Jordan

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